Both individuals and businesses face the constant challenge of cyber threats, and it is our role at Cybertide to advise you on how to identify and prevent risks to your business. We take pride in maintaining the safety of your organization’s systems and networks. Because cybersecurity is a fast moving environment, we stay ahead of the game and guide companies to better security.


Requests for Proposals

Please submit your requests for proposals at: A member of our team will review your request as soon as possible and we will respond to you within two to three business days.

Cybertide delivers information security and risk management services worldwide. We help you produce better outcomes and long lasting results to increase the security of your organization. Our corporate division provides risk consulting services to large and mid sized corporations in high-tech, retail, media and communications, and financial services.


Strategy and Governance

Cybertide can help you develop a technology strategy aligned to your business objectives. Our team of advisors have helped clients in many industries using their experience in IT governance, compliance, and risk management.

If your business needs a strategy or governance structure to improve the effectiveness of your IT operations, our team at Cybertide can provide a solution to get your IT function on track.

security Assessment

Any robust cyber security program will include a comprehensive cyber risk assessment. As part of an information security management system, we make sure that the risk environment at your organization is either continually monitored or reviewed through different types of assessments. We help you detect risks, put them in the context of the organization, and create remediation plans to help you reduce their impact.


Vulnerability Management

At Cybertide, we utilize professional vulnerability management with the most up-to-date data security information, capable of flagging out-of-date patches and other system vulnerabilities and typically revealing thousands of security flaws. We’ll work with your internal IT department to coordinate a vulnerability scanning schedule that won’t interrupt important systems or services.

Software Development Security

A secure software development life-cycle ensures that security issues within software are caught before they become a problem. The advantages of working with Cybertide on an SDLC project include securing areas such as: changes to software, software warehousing and inventory, management of third party software, software development methodologies and code testing.


Identity and Access Management

Whether on premises or in the cloud, and for employees, customers or partners, our identity and access management team at Cybertide ensures that organizations have secure ways to authenticate, authorize and manage users without sacrificing convenience and usability. Businesses need good identity and access management in order to have better practices and comply with relevant standards in any industry.

Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning and business continuity have always been the cornerstone of a successful business. When it comes to protecting your critical assets and avoiding downtime, cybersecurity is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle. Our team at Cybertide makes sure that your organization is up to date on disaster recovery planning and having an effective strategy for business continuity.


Blockchain Security

Securing software related to blockchains is a difficult proposition due to the new nature of the technology and lack of security experts in the field. As technology and supporting software around the blockchain platforms evolve, businesses are looking for a way to add value by incorporating this technology into their products or services. Our security consulting team at Cybertide, has the people that you need to help your organization harness the extraordinary power of the blockchain to improve security, reduce its costs, and establish environments where trust is not necessary.