Our corporate division provides risk consulting services to large and mid-sized corporations operating in these industries:

High Tech

Many high-tech organizations deal with cutting edge technology, and as a result, they have to come up with new ways to secure their systems from unknown weaknesses. Cybertide has a proven track record of managing risks and securing high tech companies for the new challenges that accompany these new technologies.

Financial Services

The financial services industry is one of the most targeted industries of security flaws and data breaches with millions of consumer’s records stolen every year. An organization should have an up to date cybersecurity and data processes protection. Our team at Cybertide makes sure that innovation plays a part in the security solutions we deploy in order to provide you with the right protection.


Retail organizations must be extra vigilant with cyber threats relating to customer data. Cyber attacks can have a significantly big effect on their business performance and reputation when a breach happens. Cybertide recommends cybersecurity measures that organizations in the retail industry should implement to protect themselves from possible threats and vulnerabilities. 

Media and Communications

Since the media and communications organizations operate increasingly online, they are under constant exposure to cyber attacks that can lead to reputation damage and extreme financial consequences. Our goal at Cybertide is to help these organizations secure their networks and provide them with the much-needed consultation on how to implement the right security policies and tools to achieve this.

Our crypto division provides security consulting services for companies involved with cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based technologies.