Interested in pursuing a career with Cybertide?

What makes us different:

We value our employees and want them to enjoy work as much as possible. Unlike traditional consulting firms, Cybertide operates using a simpler model.

A bonus structure that makes sense.

All employees and contractors make a bonus per each job delivered, with 25% of the profit for each job split amongst the team members.  No more working hard without seeing a reward for many years.

Contractor or employee?

We maintain both contractor and employee positions available at almost every position, allowing you to work on your own terms.

Clarity as to where you stand in your career. 

We allow all employees and contractors to see exactly where they stand within their career progress, all the time.  No messy, unclear, and time consuming processes just to understand how you have been performing.

Your time.  Your schedule.

Outside of team and client meetings, you are given the freedom to work when and where you want to.  This includes having the ability to work remotely.

Limited administrative work.

We do our best to reduce the amount of time consuming administrative work.