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Race to Protect Against A Future With Quantum Computing

This article states that the worlds biggest technology companies are competing to protect themselves from the first quantum computer. In theory a quantum computer would be far more powerful than current day computers, being able to break most encryption algorithms we use to protect everything from governments to banks. While building quantum computers is still far from happening, China has become a leader in quantum encryption (encryption algorithms that are less susceptible to quantum computing because of their fundamental design) and the Chinese government has made different kinds of quantum research a priority.


Cybersecurity Spending Increase in the U.S. Finance Industry

As they face more threats and sophisticated attacks, financial firms in the United States are projecting higher spending on information security.

Many financial firms have also increased their information sharing and backup systems for client data to prevent service disruptions during a major hack.


Microsoft CEO: Data Privacy as a Human Right

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called on tech companies to protect users from cyber threats and voiced his support for privacy as a human right.

Big technology leaders like Satya Nadella and Tim Cook have been showing their concerns and their support for regulation amid ongoing data privacy concerns.


Tim Cook: "Inevitable" Regulations for Tech Firms are Right Around the Corner

According to Tim Cook - Apple’s CEO, U.S. technology companies should brace themselves for “inevitable” regulation. He is predicting that the U.S. government would pass new laws targeting technology firms to prevent the misuse of personal data.